Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vantage Points

The Deseret News - Apr 6, 1914

Vantage Points

We mould our own characters and fashion our thinking powers and come to our viewpoints through a habit of searching out Vantage Points and building from what we see and learn there.

Do you daily seek out Vantage Points? If you don't, blame no one but yourself for commonplace viewpoints and humdrum feeling and action.

Men climb because they have vision. Vision spreads, it moves farthest from great Vantage Points. But you don't have to be learned or famous or wealthy to search out and take possession of Vantage Points. No matter who you are, you can find them and grow from their inspiration.

Linconln's greater Vantage Point was his poverty and close association with hardship and the simple things. Yours? Think for a minute. And when you come to set them down in your mind review them from day to day as great assets sure to lead you on and up.