Monday, March 29, 2010


The Deseret News - Jul 24, 1914


It is written somewhere that "Man cannot live by Bread alone." But this didn't mean that he should fill out the remaining portion of his eatable lot with cake and cream puffs. And yet there are scores of people—you come in contact with them daily—who chuckle that you know how to earn and make the Bread and at the same time can come to you for a handout of the side dishes.

As long as this strange, funny old world lasts, there will be those who will want to do nothung more strenuous than Sipping the Foam from the labor of other people.

There is another class of people who can't SEE anything but the Foam and Decorations to the serious things of life. This little talk is not so much for such as they. This talk is for you and me.

Service has its effervescence. It's the sweetness and ease that always follows great effort, but enjoyed mostly by those who have had no part in the service. There is compensation for every good thing performed, but it comes in appreciation and happiness from the worthy. You like to feel that when you do a helpful thing someone is benefited thereby whose very Soul could smile.

The Foam Sippers get to the nerves of us all. That is why you and I should take care that we Sip no Foam from the toil and sacrifice of others, without ourselves being parties to the early hard work. Let us all jump in and have a real part in the making of the Cake with the "Frosting" and Foam. Let us have none of the superficial Foam, however, that a great world of people is constantly "dishing out."