Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Deseret News - Jul 15, 1913


This is an age of Brands and Trademarks. You immediately know the Quality and Character of a product as soon as you note its Brand or Trade-Mark. And because this is possible, it means economy, convenience and confidence.

What Brand does your Life represent?

Is it THE "Sunshine" Brand, the "Grouch" Brand, the "Helpful" Brand, the "Unselfish" Brand, the "Thoughtless" Brand, the "Smile" Brand, the "Getthere" Brand, the "Square" Brand--THINK--what is YOUR Brand?

For the Brand is stamped to you, somewhere.

It may be on your Face, maybe in Voice, your Walk may show it, or your Clothes--but the brand is there, somewhere, and even a Child may be able to detect it.

What Brand do you want the world to see on you?

Lincoln carried a Brand. It was "Honest Abe." Such a Brand can never outlive its usefulness. "Thoughtful Charlie." "Do Things Bill," "Shiftless Sam," "Sunny Jim." "Always-Thinking-Of-Others-Maggie"--everyone carries a self-made Brand like these.

What Brand does your Life represent?

Whatever your Brand, be very sure that it really DOES stand for YOU, and the best that you are. If you have never thought of this Brand business, think of it now. And when you have discovered what YOUR Brand is and where you carry it--put your whole Life back of it and make it stand for your largest Ideals. If your Brand is worth while, self advertise it.

Make your Brand really represent the BEST that you are.