Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The Deseret News - Aug 29, 1913


Have you ever noticed that it is the plain, simple things, made up in quality, that cost the most? Go into a furniture store for some favorite piece, pick out a fabric for your clothes, select a piece of jewelry. The fact is there--the plain things cost the most. The reason is this--

Quality loaded down with Tinsel is cheapened. Quality always carries the highest value.

Into nearly every crack and crevice of life, the crave for Tinsel exists. The Unreal is everywhere offering itself for the Real. Imitation talks abroad and is bold. But the Genuine--bereft of Tinsel--cannot be mistaken. It is recognized on sight.

Have the courage to be what you are, and to live happily on what you have. For when you leap beyond this, you acquire Tinsel--mere Sham and Counterfeit. Strong characters never bother about cheap Tinsel--mere trapping to their already big holdings in the Genuine.

Truth and Fact travel always without concern. Brass cannot long pass for Gold. Nor can a man long be what he is not. At night Tinsel may glow but in the light of day it will show for what it is. An explanation will not avail.