Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The Deseret News - Jun 28, 1913


One of the biggest, wisest and soundest lessons of history and life is to Sputter not, Loaf not, Wrangle not at all, but--Move on.

There is Health in Action. Move On.

To find whether a Task is worth your efforth, be first convinced that you will be Wiser, Happier and Stronger after it is done. If you are convinced of this, after careful weighing--set your Mind and Feet and Hands to the task, get it done, and then--Move On.

There is Growth in Action. Move On.

If you feel that you are not getting Joy to the full in what you do each day, Move On to something better. Have courage to Risk. Move On. Blessed is the man who finds his Work and Glories in it, for he cannot help but--Move On.

There is Happiness in Action. Move On.

Stand still and you Stagnate, grow Dull and lose the Snap and Ginger that men and women of Action always have. Move On. Study yourself, your Work, your Ambitions. Set your eyes Westward. Let not the Sun of Success go down upon the failures of your Inaction. Move On.

There is Success in Action. Move On.

Think. face new Ideas. Bury your dead Blunders and Mistakes. Search for new Viewpoints. Grasp new Ideals. Watch your Step. Move On.