Monday, March 29, 2010

Multiplying Your Power

The Deseret News - Jul 15, 1914

Multiplying Your Power

The trouble with most of us is that too many times we choose for association the Street Corner, rather than the Assembly Room or the Quiet corner in the home of our friend, or the Strong Man in the great crowd. For most men follow the crowd because they have no idea how to lead it.

But if you want to Multiply Your Power, find out—learn what the crowd likes and wants. And just the moment you strike a responsive note the cheers will start, for animation and attention are riveted. Enthusiasm is rampant.

There is nothing like Enthusiasm to Multiply Your Power.

And Enthusiasm comes along the moment you become interesting enough to arouse interest. Interest gone, you go—back to the commonplace. Your power has shriveled up and you are taking orders instead of giving them. So, delight in Enthusiasms. Also, search for diversions. Play toward the unusual and unexpected. For every time you do, you Multiply Your Power, and increase your efficiency.

Excel in at least one thing. Be a Master in at least one Art.

Stay not too long at one job unless that job leads you on. The tyranny of mediocrity will starve the noblest meaning man and make his attempts as but mere hand wavings in the air. "New occasions teach new duties," so also do new ideas and new discoveries and now surroundings pull at the sleeping sources of more Power in any able human and make his abilities and achievement to multiply and grow big and sound.