Monday, March 1, 2010


The Gazette Times - Jun 12, 1913


The human Soul craves Trust more than any other thing. Just as soon as you put Confidence in a man and convince him that you believe in him without a particle of distrust--at that very moment he enters into his greatest period of Efficient Accomplishment.

The best way to get the most out of any Friend or Worker is to Trust him.

Just as soon as an Employer begins to Trust an Employe--just as soon as an Employe begins to Trust his Employer--at that moment a strong organization begins. It is the same in the course of the Everyday. The people that we Trust are the people who Trust us. Mutual Trust is Mutual Happiness. No one can be Unhappy of Useless who Trusts.

It is Natural to Trust. It is Unnatural not to Trust.

Human Life begins by Trusting. The Child at first Trusts everyone. Every happy relationship starts with co-operative Trust. The only thing that can mar or pry Trust from its hinges is Suspicion.

In the work of this day--every day--whenever you are tempted to Distrut, to Criticize, to Envy--bring this little word into use--Trust.