Saturday, March 6, 2010


The Deseret News - Jun 26, 1913


Fear is about the biggest Bugahoo that Failure sends out, for its red flame of destruction gets to the heart of more men and women than any other agency of evil. It is a force of fire that sooner or later is sure to burn the noblest soul to dust, if not mastered.

Fear is never without. It is always within.

Fear is inside of Yourself--if it is anywhere. Your job is to smother it out. And here are a few suggestions. First, trust yourself. Then trust another people. And finally, trust God--for there is a God, somewhere, somehow. Where there is Trust, there can be no Fear.

No one can ever Win so long as he Fears his Success.

Lytton inspiringly wrote: "He either Fears his Fate too much, Or his Deserts are small, Who dares not put it to the test, To gain of lose it all." The conquering of Fear is the grand business of life.

At the moment that you feel no Fear, you begin to live!

The happy Warrior Fears no Foe. The efficient, courageous Worker Fears no task. He is unafraid of his Job. Oh, you who read this little talk, Fear NOTHING. The Purpose of a great World runs through you as it runs through all mankind. Smile and be Spurred by its Truth. This day is an important part of your whole. And you are and imoprtant part of this day.

Walk past Fear. it is easy. And you CAN.