Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The Gazette Times - Jun 4, 1914


The human Soul rises in grandeur the minute it thinks in holy Remembrance of those who have rendered great service and gone their way. This is a month when the American Nation turns its thoughts to those whose lives were spent in its behalf over a half a century ago. And whether the brave wore the suit of Blue or of Gray, the love and honor that will be wrapped about their memory will be pure and great.

For the very highest achievement that any man is able to render is that of unselfish Service. The very least you can do for such immortal spirits is to Remember them. And to them honor.

That man will never grow useless who is so constructed that he can Remember the deeds and sacrifices of those who paved the road over which he now securely walks. Life, after all, is but one great big job at which all human beings work. And the more nobly you Remember what the Fighters and Ideal fashioners did before you, the more certain you are worthy add to what they left. Then some day people will want to Remember YOU.

Out of each day Remember the best thing that the day reveals.

Remember. Accumulate appreciation wealth. Wax strong over the strength of those who have made History bright enough for you to read and to glory over. Remember kindnesses. Remember those less fortunate than yourself. Remember you were not always what you are now. And Remember that you are not one-half as great as it is possible for you to be.