Monday, March 22, 2010


The Deseret News - Oct 13, 1913


About the most useless occupation in the world is Fault Finding. Who ever heard of a Happy Fault Finder? If you Find Fault with Conditions that is not going to change the conditions; if you, Find Fault with the kind of Weather God Almighty presents, that is not going to change the Weather; if you Find Fault with your Job; that is not going to select and place before you a different job.

The only time Fault Finding is justifiable is when you Find Fault with your own Faults so as to self correct them.

The chronic Fault Finder is not only valueless but a nuisance. No one wants him around and everyone is depressed by his presence. He is usually and Idler. He is a polite sort of a Criminal, though allowed "at large." Fault Finding always comes from within the one who Finds Fault, though he always insists that outside conditions cause the trouble.

If People and Things were all Flawless—if Conditions were always perfect—all incentive for Growth would be lacking.

When you feel like Finding Fault with Somebody or Something, stop for a moment—and Think! There is sure to be something wrong around your own yard. Find out what it is. Then—the cause for your Fault Finding being removed, you immediately hand in your name as an Applicant for membership in The Optimist's Club. And nobody will "Blackhall" you.