Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Deseret News - September 1, 1913


The salt of the world is sprinkled among those to whom every man and woman delights to go: The Likable People. You know them. You are drawn their way whenever their atmosphere touches yours. They lift and honor Life.

Likableness is one of the real essentials of Leadership--a thing felt because lived.

You meet a Stranger but straightway he becomes your Friend--Likeableness woven into his very makeup makes him a kin to you. You look him in the eye, feel the warm, solid grasp of his hand and know that you can build upon his word.

You walk into a busy office. You face a busy man. But being sincerely Likeable--approachable--you honor his time and his graciousness. You pay tribute to his Character--you do not impose upon his responsibility.

Likeableness is a wonderful asset. It is one of the vital necessities for Success--Success through Happiness and Services. Make yourself Likeable--genuinely so You can--for anybody can.