Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Quebec Daily Telegraph - Apr 8, 1922


I would rather attempt and fail a thousand times at something in which I had put my heart, than to win with a single bound at something that held only some temporary thrill.

Somehow big, bold things grip my heart and being!

It was a big, bold thing to think out a way to cut a water road across the Isthmus of Panama. But it was done—by big, old men.

A few years ago, those who thought the time would come when we would be safely sailing through the air and sending messages round the world merely by way of space, were termed dreamers and fools. They had big, bold visions—the kind that always come true!

The big, bold things in the world's progress are planned by big, bold men.

Big, bold things! They are the only inspirers. In them may we delve and sweat and thrive. For though we may temporarily fail—we can never loose.—George Matthew Adams.