Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Touch Through Silence

Reading Eagle - Feb 5, 1920

The Touch Through Silence
By George Matthew Adams

The greatest influences in life are the silent ones—those that keep creeping upon and into us.

It is the touch through the silence that opens our eyes and unlocks our best selves to the world.

It was Lincoln who gave new meaning to this thought when he said at Gettysburg that it wouldn't be long before all that was said on that battlefield about its heroes would be forgotten, but that what they did, who fought there, could never be forgotten.

The touch through the silence always ennobles!

Permeating the silent years of all the time that is to be, will the lifegiving of the boys who sleep because of war keep rising from the earth to render warmth and comfort to those who bore them, and undying inspiration to those who are yet to learn of what they gave.

The touth of true art is that which puts gold on the lining of one's heart whether it be the art of word, of pen, or brush, or chisel.

As time goes on, only the good in us lives. But it is the touch throgu the silence that keeps radiating, that makes everything we do have an eternal cast.