Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keep Smiling Straight!

The Milwaukee Sentinel - Jan 3, 1919

Keep Smiling Straight!
By George Matthew Adams

If there is anything that should be steady, it's a smile.

For a Smile that just balances its toes, or that olds by its hands, or that has to "hang to" with both hands and feet— well, that simply isn't a regular Smile!

So, when you Smile, keep it on straight.

The Smile that is most liable and sure to stay on straight is the kind that reaches ear to ear. We call that "oar Smile!" Besides, that kind has double advantage—it has an ear at both ends to hang to—thus adding to its permanence and power.

Keep your Smile on straight.

I never see a lop-sided Smile but what I feel like running, I would almost rather see no Smile at all. But the honest, happy, deep, wide, sparkling Smiles—they are not made with hands, but are sort of eternal inspired from blue heavens, lined with Stars.

And such Smiles always stay on straight.

Even though the heart, away deep down, may be bearing a load of loneliness or—something still the true blue Smile kept steady in its place, is able to lead a whole town or state or country—or world!