Monday, May 17, 2010


Mar 23, 1926

The cheapest commodity in this world is advice. That's why so many people give it away.
Advice should be something to keep until asked for.
We all need suggestions to guide us along the way. But advice should be sought or else its power for helpfulness becomes doubtful.
You see, advice that you give to someone may have been thought out as good advice for yourself but turn out to be the worst possible advice for another.
Circumstancs often wither the best of advice so that it is in the way.
To keep one's mouth shut is an accomplishment both rare and refreshing.
The lawyer sells his advice. And the client gladly pays a great sum to his lawyer because he has faith in his advice.
There are so many things that we could give away and which would make other people very happy, so that advice really takes a back seat and is of little importance excepting when highly cultivated through experience of special study and research.
How many times we have given our advice only to see it come back to us in a very happy state of mind and full of blame.
But kindness, generous impulses that have been put to action sincere love, encouragement, inspiring words, never come back except when they return with interest compounded again and again.
Seek advice, but do not give it.