Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pepper Talks

The Milwaukee Sentinel - Jan 19, 1918

Pepper Talks

I dislike to be dignified. There are too many times when you have to.

I like the man or woman "crammed" with animal spirits. The one who isn't afraid to "make emotions," to laugh out loud, to run, to jump, to climb, to make a lot of noise.

I think that Douglass Fairbanks is one of the most useful men in the world. He has enough animal spirits to furnish a managery. But he is too valuable to be caged up so he gives his time to making people laugh by the million. If anybody gets to heaven, he will.

Did you ever know an old man or woman with animal spirits? I swear there is none such. For animal spirits are not subject to age. Nor age to them.

Most people swallow their animal spirits and die "at a good old age." If you are wise you will get rid of them. And help make this old, war wrecked world the better for your having been around.

Do anything, Climb a tree, run around a block, laugh out loud in church, walk up a twenty stroy building. Better still, work "like sixty" (but be happy in it).

Keep your animal spirits around——forever!