Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Gettysburg Times - Mar 24, 1926

By George Matthew Adams

This is an old subject. But it is one we think of probably more than any other, for it is the very foundation of our hope, here and now and is the substance of our belief in eternal life.

Faith closes our eyes at night and opens them in the morning. Faith tiptoes into our chambers and tells us of the day. Then it trails along with us throughout the hours and sustains us in all our various activities.

We think out our ideas. We weigh them. Then we dress them up in the clothes of Faith and send them out into the world.

We do business every hour and every day on faith. Everything we eat, drink, or use, we give our faith to. When we go on a long journey, we place our faith in the man who runs the train, our automobile, or our ship.

When we get low and a storm cloud of worry comes our way, Faith is the sunshine that sooner or later clears the storm.

The farmer toils and the sweat rolls from his brow as he turns the soil, but he is cheerful and happy for he has faith that his labors will be fruitful.

You can't keep house, or school, or your shop without faith.

We all do different things with our faith. It doesn't matter so much what. For faith is to apply and no two do the same job the same way.

Faith is to keep us sweet and unbending in courage. Faith is to keep us on the way that is safest, not the swiftest of the shortest.

Faith leads up by the hand.