Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Thing That Melts

The Thing That Melts

There is a key to every heart in the universe, and every human being carries that key: It is this kindness!

Kindness will melt the hardest heart. Kindness is able to turn tears into smiles. Kindness makes enemies your friends. Kindness inspires, uplifts—leads.

Kindness softens, smoothes—heals.

Kindness sweetens life. It sweeps whole continents of misunderstandings away like hills of sand before a huge tide.

Kindness is positive. It never offers excuses. It looks you in the face. It takes you by the hand. It doesn't care about what you have been—it only wants to know what you are.

Kindness is heaven here and now. Kindness is God. Kindness is sunshine right after the storm. Kindness is the song that thrills and gladdens and floods everything with light.

Kindness is a kind of an angel!