Wednesday, September 8, 2010




RICHARD JEFFERIES in his book “The Story of my Heart,” says many beautiful things. Here is one: “The world would be the gainer if a Nile flood of new thought arose and swept away the past, concentrating the effort of all the races of the earth upon man's body, that it might reach an ideal of shape, and health, and happiness.”

We all live too deeply in traditions, old fancies and conventionalities.

A strong and able body gives forth fine thoughts through its brain, in the same way that a strong and well nourished stalk gives forth a beautiful flower.

And a healthy mind doesn't see decay and disease. It sees youth, freshness, unnumbered years in embryo, full of possible vitality, vibrant life and a happy soul-life budding far ahead in hidden years.

There is a fascination to the new. That is why we should all the time be searching for the new—trying it out, testing it, proving what is good, and holding to it, making it a part of what we leave to others.

A new thought should always prove an event to a man.

The past should stand out only as a picture, something to think over and profit from. Its influence upon human thought should be only as a piece of coloring to guide us in producing a greater picture, a finer work of art in human doing.

It takes courage to attempt the new. But then, what is life without the use of courage?