Friday, August 20, 2010


Gettysburg Times - Apr 3, 1926


Nobody has ever been able to improve upon nature. Yet there isn't a day that comes upon the weather or some phase of natural life.

What a world this would have been had everybody had their say first as to how it should have been built!

Knockers. No matter how good you build there is bound to be someone who will try to make you believe that you have done a bad job. Especially so if you have done an extraordinarily good job.

I read in my newspaper today an article by Barron G. Collier, who stated that competition never attacked a failure. Only a foolish find fault with the dead.

It takes a very strong man to attract enemies. The namby-pambies are merely pushed aside as a janitor would sweep up so much rubbish. Even the good fisherman doesn't like his fish to bite easily. He wants a scrap—a fight—a contest.

But these knockers. Are they successful? Have they friends? Have they risked, have they built, have they sacrificed anything? Whoever heard of a successful knocker?

Jesus said that the poor would always be with us. Not that He wanted poor people in the world of those who were unfortunate, but that He recognized a fact and knew, human nature.

How much simpler if we would take that attitude about the knockers and just let them slide along and go their weary way.

Knockers are a little like mosquitoes. They are also pesky and bothersome. But you can either pay no attention to them, of else go into the house—or somewhere.