Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Deseret News - Jun 10, 1913


Work is a distinctly human thing. The man without Work in in his Soul is an Idler of the worst sort. And this planet begrudges and growls at the space given to him who finds Work a burden.
The Worker is the one who Scores.

True, he is sometimes "out" because of a "cauhgt fly"--but he always has stored away somewhere in the end of his "bat" a few odd "home runs." And it is "home runs" that win the Game of Baseball in Life.

Work gives exercises to both Mind and Body. And it attracts the eye of Opportunity.

But Work without Wisdom--Work without Will--Work wihtout Purpose--is worse than to do no Work at all. Work is for Achievement and for an End that counts as Usefulness.

Work, then, while the blood is warm and the bones are elastic. Work while the muscles are supple and the hear is clear. For there always comes a time when your tools must be set aside and your step will slacken and the messages of your brain will come slow and sluggish and teh day will darken and your life will seem to want to sleep.

Work while yet there is time and inclination and a happy spirit. Work your best this very day.

For, after all--it's Fun!