Thursday, October 21, 2010


Gettysburg Times - Apr 20, 1926


Every day we live with things of marvelous value—not realizing or appreciating their worth. Most of these things are small in themselves.

It seems to be the habit of most people to let the most interesting, most beautiful, and the most fascinating things of human life just pass along. Like the tiny flower that waits so patiently in the valleys for someone to come along and love it—or even to notice it.

The little trifles of courtesy, thoughtfulness and consideration to many appear old fashioned and trite.

But it is by rightly appraising these very things in their value to human life, character and happiness that we learn the true and beautiful value of friendship itself.

Trifles of love and thoughtfulness are what make up the great spots in this universe.

There are plenty of people who go out of their way to do something spectacular, something that will attract attention to their deeds, but to do the out-of-the-way thing, and just be happy and satisfied over doing it is quite the rare thing.

Trifles that spring from the heart to be poured into someone's life are like rare gems.

Simple gifts, small remembrances, sacrifices that are genuine—these things renovate the heart and cleanse it for the larger efforts of life.

The little things, trifles, are the privilege of all.